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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. It's included in the 4PE base packages for new stores without any extra charge if you're running your business on any of below listed platforms today;

- Squarespace
- Wix
- WooCommerce

All other platforms will have to be reviewed before we start the project in order to confirm if it's within the timeframe or not. If not, we'll have to keep that in mind and give you a bespoke fixed price quote.

Yes, we offer Shopify development for both small tasks and bigger projects.

Let us know the situation or problem you would like our help with by contacting us and we'll quote it as a separate project on a fixed price basis.

Some customisation will be included if needed if it's in combination with us setting up or re-designing a new 4PE Shopify store for you.

Read more about Our Work here.

Our current delivery time for new websites and online stores: 10-15 days.

New Shopify stores
50% deposit that will be paid up-front after agreed proposal to kick off the project (if nothing else agreed).

The remaining 50% when the final draft is accepted.

When the final payment are received full store ownership will be transfered to you.

Ongoing services
All ongoing services are invoiced one month in advance.

We have the philosophy that if we deliver, you'll continue with the partnership so we don't tie you up in contracts.

Secure payments
To ensure secure payments all invoices and transactions will be done and processed through our Shopify Partner account with you.

We can help you on a monthly basis with strategies using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email/SMS marketing, Influencer marketing, SEO, content creation or Social Media management.

It all depends on your budget and business goals online.

Contact us to discuss this in more detail.

FAQ - Shopify

Yes - done right (and to keep things organised) this will be setup as separate Shopify stores serving the local language, currency and shipping options.

You also need a separate domain or sub-domain, see examples of both below;

Sub-domain = UK/GBP = EU/EUR = US/USD = SE/SEK

Separate domain = UK/GBP = SE/SEK = FR/EUR = US/USD

When you have a multinational store, we use IP redirect to automatically detect your visitors location and point them to the right store for them.

If they can't be detected and redirected to any of you local stores, the visitor will be sent to the store marked as 'main' that acts as your global site.

We at 4PE can help you register and set up separate domains or subdomains if needed.

As a Shopify Partner we can also help you with copywriting or translation services as well.

Yes* - there are many integrations that can be done with Shopify through API's today, e.g. you can easily integrate Xero that's a very popular accounting software in England.

Let us know what software you're using today and we'll provide you with the potential solution for Shopify.

*Additional charges from the accounting software may apply.

Yes - You can easily integrate the most popular Social Media channels for free through the admin login.

Up to 100 per product is built in as standard, but this can be configured to be unlimited if needed for either individual products or all of your products.

Yes - it's easy to scale with Shopify with unlimited number of products.

So you can start with 1-10 products and with a few click add more products to your store.

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